Fjord Hybrid reduces fuel consumption in fish farms by up to 60 per cent. The solution automates power supply and optimises use of generators, batteries, electrical drives and control systems.

Hybrid technology cuts fuel costs, noise and pollution for aquaculture. As the aquaculture industry grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to power fish farms in a sustainable manner. Diesel generators create local sea and air pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions. On top of these negative environmental impacts, fuel costs are on the rise and comprise a substantial part of expenses for aquaculture operators.

The worldwide market for Fjord Hybrid in the aquaculture industry is per 2019 about 2 300 facilities. The Fjord Hybrid solutions can, however, also be repurposed for other markets and industries which require a flexible and automated power supply.

Fjord Hybrid was developed by Fjord Maritime, a company founded in 2016. Fjord Maritime is a member of the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Seafood Innovation Cluster in Western Norway.

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